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Digital HR Marketplace
Marbles is a one-stop-shop digital HR marketplace created by people -- and designed for people -- in the HR space. We help you craft and manage cloud-based HR ecosystems for your clients by looping hundreds of third-party, pre-verified HR partners into a single dynamic platform.
Open + Unlimited Access
Whether you are a Payroll Provider, PEO, or ASO, the Marbles virtual HR storefront opens the door for you to access a meticulously-curated selection of hundreds of Marbles-tested apps, services, and software products that expand capabilities and boost profits.
Revenue-Boosting Solutions
Customize people-focused HR platforms and automate the payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR portfolios of each client. Attract new clients with a wider range of offerings. Retain existing clients by providing value-focused solutions. And deliver more for the people.
Meet Marbles.
Payroll Providers

Looking to offer your clients more than just standard payroll services?

Marbles acts as a streamlined HR ecosystem providing value to your clients and increasing your revenue flow as a provider. The power of our end-to-end software platform offers efficient HR solutions -- without hassles or complexities.
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Marbles boasts an array of flexible HR, HCM, AND HRO solutions for clients of all sizes and in all industries.

Use the sophisticated all-in-one Marbles ecosystem to integrate with virtually any platform through an API, upsell additional services, and allow your clients to benefit from a robust HR experience.
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Employers + Employees

Access a highly-rated product portfolio of integrated apps that are customized to communicate with internal HR programs.

The streamlined HR ecosystem offered by Marbles -- and united together with a trusted Payroll Provider or PEO -- provides genuine value to employers and employees alike.
Add Color to Your HR

Level the HR Playing Field
With Marbles

All-in-One HR Marketplace
Open access one-stop-shop HR Marketplace designed to allow payroll providers + HR professionals to offer clients more
Profit-Boosting Capabilities
Marbles-approved virtual storefront with best-in-class HR solutions to increase provider offerings + amplify revenue flows
Customized API Integrations
Full lineup of powerful HR software selection with customizable integrations + real-time API tools for any industry
hassle free
Hassle-Free + Easy-to-Use
Easy-to-implement HR products designed to streamline + upgrade client HR ecosystem with zero hassles

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The Open-Access HR Platform That Travels Full-Circle

Marbles fuses the very best of HR products and technology into a unique marketplace that is open to all people and accessible by all people. Use the innovative Marbles platform to deliver personalized HR solutions that help your clients grow, thrive, and succeed. Ready to roll ahead with a powerful model that pushes the future of HR to the next level?

Think Marbles.
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Marble Virtual HR Marketplace offers full range of powerful HR resources, Finances + Technology solutions


Attract new clients + retain existing clients by tapping into Marbles digital storefront for open access to HR products


Utilize custom HR tools to improve client culture, enhance client experiences + grow with client at each milestone


Race ahead of the competition by offering powerful array of HR services with Marbles simple one-click accessibility

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